Paint a Thought for Today

Painting is just another way of keeping a diary. ~Pablo Picasso

Paintings, along with many other art forms can be considered images of captured moments in time.  Just as a person documents life in written statements.  One can document life with a variety of artistic mediums such as collage, music, dance, photography, and so forth.  There is an endless list of options for self expression.

Endless too are the interpretations that can be made by viewers of these artistic expressions.  Unless explained by the artist, a viewer maybe left with a mystery of sorts. Viewers can take in the colors, style, technique, any information given in the piece to come up with an interpretation.  Sometimes it appears to be straight forward.  At other times, the art work can be abstract, complicated, and even void of emotion.

As an art therapist who views artist expressions regularly, I have gained an awareness to my emotional responses.  My inner feelings are the driving forces in communicating with my clients. I use my feelings combined with my working knowledge of the client to generate an appropriate response to their work. Whether it is asking questions, working along side them, or just being silent with them as they take in their own perspective.  It is being there in the shared space with the clients as they create, process, and communicate their captured moments that I can witness a small piece of their history.