A Beautiful Gift

by Cindy wang

by Cindy wang

I received a beautiful gift in the mail today.  It was from a young lady who I have never met named Cindy Wang.  She was part of a larger project called The Seattle VOICES Art Project.  This art project began ten years ago as a response to the events of September 11, 2001 by Dianne Brudnicki and her students. 

This year they created a Tribute Flag Project.  Each volunteer was given the name of a loved one that was lost on that day.  From reading about the loved one on the Voices of September 11 Memorial Pages, the artist was to create a design to honor that person.  Then, they carved the design into a linoleum block to create prints and a muslin flag.  The Tribute Flags have been donated to Voices of September 11 and are on display. 

Today, I received my print along with a handwritten card explaining the symbolism behind the design made in memory of my first husband, Peter Mardikian who died on 9/11. 

Cindy wrote:
In the flag, there are 2 rings to symbolize his marriage- one of his dreams.  The stars in the background represent you and other family members and the sky represents Peter because in the story, it mentions Peter was “on top of the world.”

I am truly grateful to Cindy and to the other volunteers who took their time to create such meaningful artwork.  To me this gift was a reminder of the human spirit and the power of art.  It is such an overwhelming feeling to know that someone took her time to find out about my late husband and to create such a remarkable symbol.  Her act of kindness is inspiring.  Thank you Cindy!