My Art To Inspire - Our First Steps

The creation of MyATI started in NYC during January 2011 at Think Coffee on Bleeker Street.  I was with my husband trying to figure out how to create a job for myself that would combine all of the various skills I had acquired over the years.  Of course I wanted to do something that I was passionate about and have fun with at the same time.  MyATI was born.

What led up to that January morning was a lot of moving and searching for opportunities.  In March of 2010, I had decided that the stress of being apart from my husband and having him constantly commuting back and forth from the west coast to NY was too much to continue.  So that April, we packed up and moved to San Fran.  While in San Fran I was unable to practice art therapy due to state licensing issues.  It didn’t matter as much as I originally worried, as our time in San Fran would be short.  I found out shortly after our move that my husband’s job would be taking us back to NY in September.  I had to find something to do in the meantime, so I thought about trying graphic art and web design from  Being a traditional artist, learning graphic art was something I had always wanted to explore and hadn’t had the time.  The process was a fun and frustrating learning process all at the same time.  

Upon returning to NYC in the fall, I began my job search, which landed me temporary, contract work and some volunteer opportunities which were/are still great opportunities but not completely satisfying enough.  So that is why in January I set out on a cold Saturday winter morning, began brainstorming with my husband to come up with the idea of MyATI.

There’s an eastern proverb that states:
The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.

Today, I’m taking that first step.  I hope many of you join me in making MyATI a place that inspires you to share your journeys and contributions.

Thanks to everyone for your support.  Off we go….