Sometimes the days are too busy and the obligations too many to  remember why we do what we do or to try to do anything differently. We  come home exhausted and drained, tired and burned out.  We get up the  next day to do it all over again. Many days our bodies just react to  the routine.  We go through the motions until something stops us in our tracks. It could be anything small or large. It's a day, we just remember to breathe, to open our eyes, and to see.

I read a quote today that stuck with me, “When you are open to receiving them, the possibilities just keep coming.” Oprah, The Oprah Magazine September 2011

After reading this quote, I wondered how much do I miss along the way   when I am focused on specifics, or running from place to place on autopilot?  The quote was a reminder to me.  Even though the days are  filled and go by quickly, I need to take a break to remember why and to be open to the possibilities.