A Stormy Creation

Collage art

I started writing this blog on Monday as hurricane Sandy approached. Due to the power outage in lower Manhattan I was unable to complete it.

Originally this blog was to focus only on my creative process at home while trying to pass time indoors which I will share below. However, after serious reflection I feel I must first add my thoughts of thankfulness.

Today, I am thankful to have a temporary place to rest and work with electricity, running water, and heat. So many in this world never have a temporary relief from harsh elements. I am thankful that my family and my home are safe. At the same time, I am saddened and sorry to have learned that some friends have lost so much. I am aware that many others who are unknown to me have lost their lives.

From my life experiences I have learned that these difficult times and challenges are reminders of how short life can be and how quickly life can change. It is why I believe that finding and sharing inspiration is so important. Inspirations have always helped me to find hope.

I am so grateful that I found an outlet for my passions. I have posted an example of my creative process below.

As I watched the tree in front of my apartment sway back and forth in the wind, I had to act on my impulse to create something with the theme of a tree.

Finally, I thought about life after the storm passes and added a bird as a symbol of continued life and growth. I used miscellaneous material, feathers, and paint to create the bird.

My thoughts are with everyone who has endured this storm. Stay safe.