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Sock dolls

Sock dolls

In my home office space, I have a collection of sock dolls that sit on a shelf behind me. Some I made in the past along side with clients, others I made during training or supervision groups, and some I made for fun.

Even though they sit behind me everyday, I had forgotten about them. That is until one day my sister FaceTimed me along with her daughters. Her youngest daughter kept pointing and smiling at something behind me. So I turned around to find out what she was looking at.

I pulled one of the dolls off the shelf and held it closer to the camera on the computer. She was so excited to see it close-up. I realized that day how much she loved dolls and stuffed animals. My sister suggested that I make her one for the winter holiday.

Time passed quickly and I had forgotten about her suggestion (actually, her insistence) until this week when I happened to "like" a Facebook posting from Operation Sock Monkey. It is a great organization that gives away handmade sock monkey for various causes. They can be purchased and sponsored directly on their website. They even have instructions on how to build your own sock doll.

My sister viewed the same link and immediately called to remind me about the gift idea for my niece. I was happy that she remembered, as I have been torn in a million directions lately and had forgotten all about our conversation.

After running to the dollar store, (thankfully there are dollar stores in nyc) for some supplies, I began working on the project.

Used or new socks can be used for the project.

Along the way, I was reminded of how cathartic sewing can be.  I completed the sewing and stuffing of the body in a very short amount of time.

It was a lot of fun sewing the details of a felt hat and dress, along with some decorative buttons.

I am very much looking forward to giving her this gift as it was made with much love and personalization. I hope she enjoys it.