Summer Fun Creative Activities

craft materials

craft materials

Summer is fast approaching and the school year is ending.  What to do for fun all summer long?  I have listed some fun summer outdoor activities for kids:

*Chalk drawing.  Who wouldn’t love drawing and coloring on a large canvas such as a driveway or sidewalk, one of my personal favorites.

*Nature collages. Go on a scavenger hunt in your backyard, in a park, or near a body of water to find a variety of rocks, leaves, twigs or seashells and arrange them into a pattern or image.  This is something that could even be framed in a shadow box.

*Drawing or painting with watercolors.  Instead of drawing or painting in side of the house, take the art supplies outdoors.  Go to a park and sit under a tree for shade and draw or paint your surroundings.

*Take summer photos.  Take photos of fun day trips, interesting buildings, interesting looking trees or decide on a summer theme.  Another scavenger hunt idea to last all summer, every time you find an object related to your theme snap a picture.  You could even make it into a contest with older kids who have their own cameras such as "who took the most one of a kind photos" or "who took the most unique photo of the summer."  If cameras are unavailable, drawings or descriptive writings could be made instead.

*Materials or found object collages or patterns.  On a very hot day or rainy day that is spent indoors, use materials that are available around the house.  Stickers, ribbons, different type of paper, newspapers, magazines or anything that can be cut and glued into a collage or even a designed pattern.

 *Writing/journaling  Write about a day trip to the zoo, playground, any special summer day or event, or even about their summer reading. 

*Longer summer activity. Have kids do the above projects.  Save and label each one with a title and date.  Keep the artwork and writings in a safe place.  You could print out a few of the photos taken during the summer so that collages could be made a long with additional writings.

At the end of the summer, have the kids look at all of the artwork they have collected.  Organize it into a summer memory book.  Decorate the cover with a variety of materials used or found over the summer.  Most importantly have lots of fun creating! 

There are many ways to bind the pages together.  One way is to create tiny holes in each of the pages to bind the pages with ribbon.  A second idea is to sew the pages using a strong needle and strong string.   You could even keep everything in the file folder and decorate the folder and securing it with a rubber band or tied ribbon around it to keep all of the contents inside.

Have fun being creative this summer!