Life is a Journey

“Life is a journey, not a destination”
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

I have grown to love this quote. Remembering that "Life is a journey" has become a reflective tool to help me regain balance when I am feeling overwhelmed. It has helped me gain perspective and to slow down.

First photograph of the process.

Throughout my years of working and creating, I realized that I prefer to enjoy what I do and to be present and engaged with the people around me more than just "getting to the destination." However, the reality of focusing on the journey more than the destination often feels impossible. With today's fast paced way of living, my competitive nature, and the demand of meeting deadline I tend to sprint to the destination instead of walking through the journey. That is why this quote has been crucial for me to reach my goals successfully while being engaged in the route to that destination.

I find that this same quote is equally as important to my creativity.  When I hit a creative wall and feel forced, I become more worried about the end product and less likely to create anything interesting.  My creativity becomes more open when I take out a variety of materials and just start playing.  That is when, I remember how much fun I have always had creating and give into the process rather than the destination.

A few weeks ago, I was feeling burnt out and needed to regroup and regain balance. So I took out my favorite drawing instrument a black pen along with a pencil and began drawing to clear my mind. I soon began filling in the white space with colored pencils. I wasn't sure where this drawing was going to go.

The second photograph of the drawing process.

Today, I finally had time to finish the drawing.  As I looked at the drawing it looked like a river flowing down the mountainside so I added clouds. I am still not sure exactly what it is but I enjoyed the process. Drawing helped me to relax and clear my mind allowing me to gain a fresh perspective of the work that I am doing.

The repetitive motion of coloring in the white space was the most relaxing part of the process for me.

Below is the final photograph of the drawing process.