Everyday Life as Art

Dekalb Market

Dekalb Market

As I walk around the streets of different places in the world, I have realized what appears to be everyday life for the native dweller often seems original and unique to me as a visitor. However, I recently had that same experience in an all too familiar city and decided to take photos of my exploration.

A few days ago, I had the opportunity to join a friend for a lunch break. She introduced me to the Dekalb Market in Brooklyn. As soon as I walked up to the entrance of the market I was taken immediately in by the setting, which reminded me of an art installation in motion.


The storefronts that greeted us and created the market site were constructed from salvaged shipping containers. As we continued to enter the market site, a variety of delicious scents and music enticed us further. There were so many choices of cuisines to select from including vegetarian dishes, Italian rice balls, beer and wine, a bakery and much more.

 As I sat at a picnic table with my friend to eat my food, I noticed beyond the Container Food Shops were small Retail Container Shops including an Etsy Artist Assembly shop, along with many other retail shops. Besides Container Shops wass a farming area for non-profit partners to provide urban agricultural workshops.

For a few moments of that day, I felt like I had been transported somewhere outside of the busy streets of Brooklyn. The design of the market felt like an art installation made up of a colorful collage of the salvaged container material stylized by each retail and food vendor, combined with scents of delicious food and people. It was small haven of an inspiring and refreshing vibe in an ever-bustling city.