Reflection After a Fall

Yesterday began as usual. Running late and in a hurry, I rushed my dog along during his morning walk. I was anxious to get to and from the gym to start my workday. I had lots to do.

Walking swiftly up the street to the gym, I tried to dodge a water hose that a store worker was using to do his morning job of cleaning the city sidewalk outside of his bodega. As I went to step over the hose, he unsuspectingly moved it which caused my foot to land on top of it. That would not have been a problem had I been paying attention and not rushing to the door of the gym which was in my sight. Unaware of the hose being moved, I was unprepared for its slipperiness and took a slow motion tumble. "Oh no, not again I thought."

This was definitely not my first fall in the city and I am expecting more. I couldn't tell you with absoluteness, how many times I have fallen onto the sidewalk or in the city streets. Each time has been for a different clumsy and hurried reason such as black ice in Times Square, perfect timing of my shoe's heel getting wedged into a crack so that I walk out of it and stumble, broken heels stuck in a grate, and not to mention the tripping over of my own feet.

Water Reflection

However, the most humiliating fall occurred years ago during a major snow storm. That winter season, I thought I had found the perfect winter boots, which were both heeled and water-proof. I thought they were great, that is until I fell. Not only did I fall but I became stranded in the middle of a solid piece of ice on the wide sidewalk of a major street in the city. These "great" boots had no traction. I was so close to my apartment, maybe 20 steps and I couldn't figure out how to get there, except for crawling. "No way, I was not going to do that. At least no yet," I thought.

So instead, I stood frozen in place and stranded on a giant piece of ice. Since I was right in the middle of the sidewalk, I was too far away from the parking meters by the street and too far away from the building exterior to use for support. I stood in place for what seemed like hours but was probably mostly likely only minutes. I stood until my rescuers arrived, a kind elderly couple probably somewhere in their mid 70's. They were walking up the street gracefully and huddled together without any problem. As they stopped and asked me if I needed help, they laughed. I too laughed along in complete embarrassment at the irony of the situation. Afraid, I would break them or take them down with me. I politely past on their offer. They refused to take my "No thank you" and each one of them grabbed a hold of of my arms and slowly, walked me like a small child to the entry way of my buildings front door. Of course, I was and am forever grateful for their kindness.

Yes, so my thought as I fell was "Not again." After the fall, humiliated I slowly retreated to my feet and thanked the onlookers who were trying not to laugh or laughing, but were concerned enough to stick around and make sure I was ok. Luckily I stood up with only a few scrapes, a bruised knee, and an embarrassed ego, I thanked everyone and assured them of my "ok" status. Then, I continued on to the gym with my head hung low, laughing silently to myself.

The fall seemed to be a perfectly timed wake up call to me to reflect and focus~I got back up and kept going.

So in the spirit of reflection and focus: I have been meaning to write about the work that I have been doing behind the scenes of this website. Soon I will be posting more details about the new look of the My Art to Inspire. The content will remain available but some of the formatting will change. I am looking forward to the update and will keep you informed.