Fill Hearts with Love

Valentine's day was always special for me as a child. I would stay up the night before writing out my valentine's cards just right for each friend and classmate, attaching a piece of candy to each card. I would anxiously slave away writing and rewriting a message to my secret crush in hopes that he would write back in return. My hopes were usually dashed. However, sometimes a surprise card popped up with a message from my own secret admirer. These early lessons helped ease the pain of later trials and tribulations of love.

As I grew out of secret crushes and into more truer, meaningful relationships, Valentine's Day became more complicated. Actually, my relationship status determined how complicated or uncomplicated the holiday turned out to be. As many others on this day, I have experienced a mixed bag of emotions from joyous to heartbroken and every other emotion in between.

So on Valentine's Day, I try to remember that there are hearts that are filled with love and there are those that have been broken. I hope that those with broken hearts receive extra love and attention today.

Everyone deserves a little love, everyday.