Commuting in the Rain

commuting in the rain

commuting in the rain

Some Creative Humor for the Day

Throughout my years of commuting in the city, I have thought a lot about what type of commuter signs and symbols that I would love to create and post. Recently I began creating them for fun. I have called them the "Happy Commuter." These signs include images of the wrong way and the polite way of commuting with the purpose of creating a more tolerable, happy commuting experience.

Today's sign and symbols below are very fitting for today, as it has been pouring rain all morning long.

I know that we often feel like robots going to and from places without thought. Sometimes it is important to remember that we are human and it is necessary to pay attention. Such as today, while I was making my way up the subway stairs, I stopped in my tracks to avoid an oncoming large, pointy golf umbrella headed straight for my eye. Thankfully, I remained uninjured, as did the others around me. I am posting these images as a friendly reminder to carry large, golf umbrellas vertically, not horizontally while walking up the stairs.

Hope you enjoyed a little creative humor. Stay safe out there!