Creative Office Spaces

After meeting some friendly people and getting settled into my new, shared office space, I began thinking about all of the different work settings that I have been apart of over the years. Since I began working at the age of sixteen, there have been many.


One particular memory came flooding back to my mind and even made me laugh a little. It was by far the most creative, yet the most unusual office space that I have ever worked. Thankfully it was only temporary.

I had just moved to New York and took a customer service sales position within a high-end, Swiss watch company. At that time, this company was in the process of relocating from a small town in Virginia. So the New York based management team was busy hiring new people and setting up their office space.

Early on it was decided that since I was going to be in charge of the watch inventory why not just place my desk inside of the vault room. As I was shown the space, I was told it was spacious by New York standards. It also had a window, which I didn’t understand at the time qualified the space as livable and not as a closet.

Back then, I was so young and much quieter. I was a typical Midwesterner but fancied myself as highly adaptive and flexible person who could handle almost anything. So I did what I was told and moved into the room.

Even though I was new to the city and didn’t have a point of reference as to what should be expected for a spacious work space, I doubted that this environment would be considered the norm.

red stapler

For a few weeks I sat bored and lonely but held up quite well. All the while, I couldn’t help but to think about the movie,Office Space a popular movie at that time. I kept wondering to myself “am I like that guy with the red stapler?”

I had hoped not, but still felt quite embarrassed at times, especially when visitors or customers came to the office. “Hello, welcome to my office of solitude” was the greeting that ran through my head as I was introduced.

Thankfully for me, the space was only short term. As the employee count continued to grow and my position moved forward my office was relocated into a more reasonable space. It turned out, I was not “that guy with the red stapler" and thankfully, no one else ever had to occupy that location.

I am sure there are many more unusual and creative work spaces. Have you had your own experience?

Tell us about your most creative work space/environment.