A Fish or a Face?

Feeling inspired while on vacation, I created a fish mandala (In Sanskrit, an ancient language of India, the word mandala loosely translates to mean 'circle') drawing.

Upon returning home, feeling rejuvenated and creative, I decided to turn my mandala drawing into a small gouache painting. It felt great to complete a small project as it had been awhile since I had the opportunity to paint. Proud of my work, I held up my painting and asked my husband how he liked my "fish" painting.

He replied, "I like it, but I don't see a fish. I see an abstract looking face with a long nose."

"What?" I replied.

Without looking at the painting, I asked him "It doesn't look like a fish?"

"No" he replied. "It looks like a long, abstract nose with two eyes. I don't see a fish, sorry."

Fish Mandala

Fish Mandala

Feeling deflated, but before responding to him again, I glanced at the painting. Immediately I felt a sense of relief and chuckled when I realized I was holding the paper turned to the side.

"Oh, that is interesting," I replied. "I had never looked at the image with the paper turned around. Now I can see the abstract face."

Then I turned the paper and showed him the painting held in the position that it was originally created. I asked my husband again, "Do you see the fish now?"

With a quick glance he replied, "Yes, now I can see it, I like it the other way."

Hence the title A Fish or a Face was created.

I love creating mandalas, I find it fascinating how differently they can be viewed.