Springtime Blooms

Yellow springtime flowers.

Yellow springtime flowers.

The first signs of spring seem to bring new life to those living in the Northeast part of the United States. This weekend as I walked down the city streets, I viewed smiling people enjoying brunch outdoors, runners and bikers, and most importantly a feeling of new life being awakened. A life no longer bogged down by heavy layers of clothing, cold winds, and snowy streets. Instead the smell of fresh blooms, the sight of sunshine, even the sneezes of allergies seem to be welcomed experiences.

Oh springtime, how I have missed thee.

Lately with a sigh of winter relief and ah ha springtime moments, I have welcomed familiar spring activities:

  1. The Chelsea Street Fair.

  2. Some New Blooms on the High Line.

  3. Outdoor Relaxation on the Rooftop.

So far for me all of these these springtime experiences, smells, longer days, and sunlight have inspired new creative ideas and rejuvenated my spirit. I feel a sense of relief as the winter months have past.

What a happy feeling- I love it.

How do the seasons impact your creativity?