Vibrant Art in the Park

Last week on my way to a meeting, I passed by Madison Square Park in NYC and noticed some brightly colored objects, but didn’t have time to stop and learn more.

However, this past Saturday afternoon, on a mostly gray and sometimes rainy day, I had some time to take a walk and check out Madison Square Park’s Red, Yellow, and Blue installation by artist Orly Genger.

Upon entering the park it would be difficult to avoid the hand-knotted nautical ropes painted with primary colors that became part of the parks landscape. They were massive, bright, and colorful highlighting a stark contrast on an otherwise very gray day.

I enjoyed seeing the natural spaces transformed by the artist’s installations. This installations should not be missed as it really enhances the beauty of the park and adds a whimsical feel to an already naturally energetic space.

The colorful, organic lines embedded against the natural green elements of the park made me want to follow the lines from one space to the next. The colored ropes seemed to flow within the context of the park’s natural structure; like water around a rock.

Below are photos of the details of the very impressive, hand-knotted nautical ropes.

To learn more details about the art installation and the artist, Orly Genger please visit Madison Square Park's Website. The installation will remain in the park from May 2 - September 8, 2013.