Collaborative Painting


What to do on a cold and rainy spring weekend afternoon? Collaborative painting with family. Yes, this past weekend I was able to convince my husband to join me in painting a picture. So we turned our living room into an art studio type of space. It was a spontaneous idea which turned into a lot of fun.

Even though Daryan agreed to join me in painting, he was very hesitant. He had never painted with acrylic paints or used a canvas before. However, that did not stop him from helping me devise a plan (which is one of his strengths, not mine). He created our strategy.

Daryan had an idea of what he wanted to paint. He showed me a picture that he wanted to use as a guide. So we started from there.  I made a quick outlined sketch with no details and set up the paints.

Next, we agreed to split the canvas in half. He painted on the right side and I painted on the left side.  At one point he became quite the serious painter.

After a few hours, we came to a stopping point. We looked at it together and noted our different styles. I painted in a more flat, solid color style with a few outlines. He painted in a more detailed brushed stroke style. He asked me to continue the outline of the skyscraper on his side to create a unified object.

The finished product didn't matter. What mattered is that overall we worked on something new together and had a lot of fun in the process. Daryan even said he would definitely paint again.


Collaborative Art Project
A collaborative art project could be a very fun family activity with kids on a raining day or as a group summertime creative activity.

1. Pick a topic such as draw your favorite animal, place, food etc or choose a photo to recreate.
2. Each family/or group member draws, paints, or creates a collage (depending on materials available) of their own.
3. If a large, mural like piece of paper is used each family/or group member would be given a designated section of the paper to complete their own art work. Or each family/or group member could create their own artwork on a separate piece of paper.
4. Or create one artwork that everyone takes turn working on designating an amount of time such as 5 minutes for one family member to work. Once the time is up, the next family member takes their turn. The process continues until the artwork is completed.
5. The overall idea is to have fun and maybe learn something new about a family/or group member!

Tell us your experience with collaborative art work. Have you ever worked on a family/group art project?