The Creative Process Using Technology

Original Photograph taken from iphone

Technology can open up many unique opportunities for the creative process and person. At times, for an easily distracted creative person like me all of these options can feel endlessly overwhelming, yet lead to experimentation and fun.

Having a camera lens attached to every computer, tablet, and phone makes it easy for me to get caught up in this tech-centric creative process. Add to this many available app and software options to manipulate a picture and I can easily be drawn into a creative mode.

So, when it comes to picture taking and creating new versions of the picture I am a master of getting involved and losing a few hours of a day. Sometimes I don't know when to stop, especially if I do not have a final result in mind and the creative process turns into pure fun. The options are endless and I want to keep on going.

Take for instance the above photo. It was originally taken by my husband. He took this picture with his iPhone while he was walking around the city one evening with a friend. He sent the photo via email to me.

With a few clicks of a mouse and few taps on my iPhone, I was able to create dramatically different versions.

I don't have a favorite app or software program as I use many of them for different reasons, projects, or distractions. Having said that, I really enjoy testing out and finding new great photography apps and other software that is available for my computer; as well as various apps for tablets and phones.

Technology offers a very different creative process from using traditional materials. The different devices, apps, and software allow one to test out color, texture, and much more instantly as opposed to longer process times of using traditional materials. I enjoy both processes. I appreciate both the traditional and the technological creative processes. I use them both quite regularly in my work.