A Community Centential Project

From my experiences as an art therapist, I have gained an increased interest and appreciation for community projects.  I value their ability to bring people together to create something with a purpose either to celebrate, memorialize, or enhance a community. 

Community Mosiac

While walking through the quintessential town of McCall, Idaho this week, I stopped when I stumbled upon Debra Facchin, an artist and art educator working on an outdoor mosaic art wall.  Debra explained that the mosaic art wall is part of a larger community project, the Centennial Plaza in downtown McCall.  She has been working with a designer, architects, other artists, and volunteers to help complete the project.

Debra also explained the purpose of the project is to create a park in honor of the centennial celebration of the town of McCall founded in 1911.  The planning began a few years ago before the town celebrated their 100th birthday in 2011. 

The various mosaics are being created within a wall of stones.  They have been created with 1/2 inch tiles, some recycled glass, and other small, colorful rocks.  Each mosaic represents different aspects of the community and it's history. 


Once completed, the park will not only consist of the mosaic stone walls but also seating and tables for the community.  There will also be historical information described on plaques amongst the mosaics in the stone wall so that visitors can learn more about the town of McCall.

I look forward to following the progress of the project.