Edible Creations

While talking with Jen Lipstein, one cannot escape her enthusiasm for creativity.

I met Jen while studying creative arts therapy at Pratt Institute. At that same time, Jen and her best friend started a custom hat company called  Jenna Lynn Millinery Hat Designs. They made one of kind hats with items that Jen found around the New York City. Jen explained to me how she loved going around the city to different shops and markets looking for interesting items to incorporate into each hat design.

Ask Jen what inspires her creativity and the answer is simple: “I have always loved playing around with things.”

Her parents always tell her that she has such patience. She also attributes her creativity to her relatives: her grandmother is a quilter, her aunt a sculptor, and her mom is also very creative.

Photograph Courtesy of Stefanie Diamond Photography

Over the years, Jen’s creativity has wandered a unique path. After graduate school she worked as an art therapist at Renfrew Center  in New York and New Jersey, where she remains an on-call therapist today. However, she could not escape one of her favorite activities: “I love decorating things.” So, she began making custom order beaded products.

Recently Jen has added something new, custom decorated baked goods to her business - Sweet Kev.

You can see some of her designs on  Sweet Kev’s facebook page.

Jen’s first order came about almost by accident. One day Jen helped her mom decorate some cake pops. She then posted pictures of their creation on Facebook. Someone saw the pictures and asked if it was possible to place an order. Jen said, “sure” and thought that she would give it a try. So she called her mom and asked her to teach her how to make the cake pops. From there it is history, Jen’s business expanded.

As she continued to "sprinkle and drizzle," her business really took off around this year's Jewish holiday  Purim. During this holiday it is customary to dress up in costumes and exchange gift baskets filled with gifts. The gift baskets are usually decorated similarly to the person’s costume.

Right before the holiday Jen received a more complex order for cake pops to be decorated with a pirate theme. Of course they turned out great and the rest is history.

Jen enjoys experimenting, while maximizing her time to make the business work and simultaneously raising her twin daughters.

Jen still loves art therapy and hopes to one day have an Open Studio Space of her own. For now she loves what she is doing and is excited to see where all of this will ultimately lead.

To view more of Jen’s creations or to place an order, connect with her on  Instagram and Facebook.