Herself; A Self-Reflection

While attending the American Art Therapy Association (AATA) conference earlier this month, I participated in an all day Digital Storytelling Workshop.  During the workshop each participant had the opportunity to begin creating their own story using a variety of art materials that were available.  While working on my story, I thought about a poem that I had written many years ago and decided to use it as the foundation to the story I wanted to tell. 

Below is the poem I used during the workshop.

Colorful line drawing


Dear mirror,
Remember me as a child; shy and free.
Hold my innocent image, my lively spirit.

Shield the image from a mind and soul that judges.

Time passes so quickly.
I have forgotten who I wanted to be.

Remind me of me, my dazzled dreams.

Open my eyes to what is real and attainable.

Who I am now and who I am to be.

Let me admire the reflection that stares back,
to rediscover the naturalism of my youth.

Release the regrets of growth and misguided decisions,
to renew the confidence and courage of my unique charisma,
which allows me to be me.

Dear mirror,
Present me as a lady,
who is and will be everything,
that she has believed and believes to be true;


I haven't finished the story I want to tell.  It will probably change many times as days pass by.  However this week while flying home after spending time with family, I reflected upon the poem once again and created this colored pencil drawing.  For me the drawing reflects femininity, trust, growth, strength, and time.