New Children's Book, Buddy's Dream

I am excited for my second children's book, Buddy's Dream.  I had a really fun time creating this story and illustrations. Preview some pages below:  

The book is about a dog named Buddy, who falls asleep during story time.  With just one wish, he and his butterfly friends are suddenly swept into an exciting and educational tablet adventure.  I hope your child has fun exploring all of the different levels and following Buddy on his journey home.

The book is available at and it will be available soon on Kindle.

There are some fun activity sheets available here

Buddy patiently for the book to be completed.  

My own dog, Buddy was very patient during the creative process.

 I have a very unique way of working.  I don't follow a straight path or an outline.  I work from beginning to end then the middle and all around again.  Revamping the idea along the way.

If I had to work from the beginning to the middle then to the end I would never finish a project.  Thankfully, it all came together.

It's my hope you enjoy the book as much as I did creating it.