Noise Singapore

Tote Wall from Art Noise

As I traveled through Singapore, I experienced art everywhere. There were many museums, sculptures, unique architecture, and much more. One exhibition that I stumbled upon was in an open space within a mall called Noise Singapore.  It was an inspiring find.

I talked to the attendants about the exhibition. They explained that "Noise" meant “Art of expression.” I learned further that Noise Singapore is an initiative of the National Arts Council in Singapore and has been dedicated to making noise about the creative talent of young people under the age of 35.

This was the seventh year for their exhibition. Noise Singapore reported that they received over 8,300 works submitted by 800 people under the age of 35 for this 2012 exhibition. The categories included Art & Design, Music, and Photography. The works of art were judged by a professional panel. There was one prize awarded for each category. The winners were given an exclusive arts grant of up to $5,000.

Noise Singapore also has The Apprenticeship Program, TAP. This program gives 42 aspiring, young people the opportunity to be mentored by 16 well know artists in Singapore for three months.

Part of the exhibition was interactive. There were two small tables with cushions set up for visitors to sit down and design their own tote bag using colored, fabric pencils along with letter and number stamps. The visitors could take the tote bags with them as a reminder of the exhibition or hang them up as part of the exhibition.

Visitors were also able to create "Their own noise" by writing on an exhibition wall. There were plenty of attendants to help visitors obtain materials to participate and create.  They were also encourage to share on the wall of smiles. Visitors could take a smile or leave a smile or a message on a wall to share with others.

Singapore Noise is a very inspiring initiative for young people. The initiative gives young people the opportunity to showcase their artwork, explore their creativity, and the possibility to be nurtured and learn from talented professionals. Check out their website, Singapore Noise to learn more about the initiative, learn about the young artists, winners, and the mentors.