Sewing Fun

A few months ago, I had an idea which turned into an experimental sewing project of sorts.  It has been a fun and challenging journey. 

Since I only know how to sew by hand, not by machine, my progress has been cathartic and enjoyable at the same time tedious and slow. 

This weekend I threw in the towel.  I had hit the limit with my slow pace.  (Patience with myself, has never been one of my strengths.)  

I ordered my first sewing machine.  Yay! I was so excited.

Yesterday evening, I received my new machine!  Of course, I ripped open the box, took out the instruction manual and got started right away.  I was feeling hesitant and optimistic that my project could now move full speed ahead.  To my surprise I was able to set up the machine and get it threaded rather quickly and easily.  I felt like I was on a roll. 

Today I remained optimistic and excited for my project.  I also realized I have a slight learning curve ahead of me.  However at the same time, I know that my new machine will help speed up my progress.   I can't wait to learn more and continue on moving forward.  


Colorful fabric

Colorful doll and material

I love taking on new challenges to fulfill an idea.  It seems like the process always entails new adventures and new skills.  I hope that this project exceeds my expectations.  

Have you ever had fun experimenting with a new project?