Herself; A Self-Reflection

Herself; A Self-Reflection

While attending the American Art Therapy Association (AATA) conference earlier this month, I participated in an all day Digital Storytelling Workshop.  During the workshop each participant had the opportunity to begin creating their own story using a variety of art materials that were available.  While working on my story, I thought about a poem that I had written many years ago and decided to use it as the foundation to the story I wanted to tell. 

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Colorful Lady

On Friday, there was a snow storm that kept me indoors for the day.   I took advantage of that time by restyling some old drawings in Illustrator and Photoshop, playing with colors and organic shapes, lines, and textures.  I appreciate both organic lines and the preciseness of straight, edged lines.  In this piece I left some of the organic feel but added in some straight lines.

Dancing Lady is an example of the original black ink drawing of this new stylized image.  Originally, I created this ink drawing as a basis for a series of painting  I completed a few years ago using all organic lines.

Productivity After a Vacation


Returning from vacation mode proved to be a bit of a challenge this week. I struggled to regain my usual focus. Originally, I had set out to accomplish quite a few items that needed finishing but unfortunately the week got away to quickly.

Hopefully next week will be more productive. In the meantime, I have added a doodle drawing that I completed today. I think it counts as an accomplishment. It was a great way to work out some frustrations while working on a few different projects.

I think it may be best to pick up where I left off today and start again next week. Looking forward to clearing my mind and gaining a new perspective over the weekend. Have a great weekend!

Traveling Ladies

Traveling ladies

Sometimes I feel like I want to create something but I feel stuck at the same time.  I am not sure where to start or what materials to use.  So, I begin by searching  through my container of magazine cut outs that I use for collages and choose a handful of pictures. 

The pictures give me inspiration to draw from.  I first add water colors to the background of a blank piece of paper and then begin to draw a collage of images.