Organizing for the New Year

Before each New Year begins, I take some time to reflect on the year that is ending before pressing a mental pause and reset button. I attempt to do some traditional cleaning of the closets in the physical and metaphorical sense of the words.  The process of shedding and reorganizing helps me to feel lighter and refreshed. I often find items that I have forgotten about, that can be donated or discarded, and begin to realize what should be kept and what might be needed in the New Year.  I have not completed the physical reorganizing process but I am sure it will be completed this week. 

I have already processed and organized my thoughts about the year that is ending and as usual I tried not to just label it as “good” or “bad”, “successful” or “failure” etc.  Instead, I reflected upon the full year and summed it up with this statement:   

The year 2011 was a year that started off with many difficult and unexpected challenges.  It was a year that became filled with new opportunities, some mistakes, a few realizations, travel opportunities, and a sold house.  I experienced the sad loss of family members, a few fun-filled, family weddings, and the birth of beautiful new lives.  I am thankful to have spent the last few weeks of the year with many friends and family members celebrating the holidays in laughter and love.  I look forward to the new challenges and journey of 2012.

Happy New Year to all- May we all have the opportunity to seize what makes us the most we can be.  At the same time, let us be filled with happiness and good health in this New Year of 2012.