A Fish or a Face?

A Fish or a Face?

I love creating mandalas, I find it fascinating how differently they can be viewed.

Upon returning home, feeling rejuvenated and creative, I decided to turn my mandala drawing into a small gouache painting. It felt great to complete a small project as it had been awhile since I had the opportunity to paint. Proud of my work, I held up my painting and asked my husband how he liked my "fish" painting.

He replied...

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Barren Land

I modified a watercolor painting I did during grad school. While feeling disappointed with my field of work, this image popped into my head so I dug it out to play around with it. 

The painting was originally created to depict a feeling of depression.  I worked on it in Photoshop and ended up adding a grainy texture to the piece.  The texture helped me to create an image of bleakness and roughness which is what I have felt during my job search this year and while trying to find answers about the direction of the art therapy field.