Spring Forward

I am ready to spring forward and add some color to life- especially after a gorgeous weather weekend in NYC. 

Out with the darkness and in with light.

Out with the greyness and in with colors.

Moving on...

How has this years harsh weather impacted you?

Important Days

Clouds in the sky

Clouds in the sky

Inspired by the great mom's in my life. 

I am very proud of my own mom, who has been an active part of my life. I wouldn't be where I am today with out her or the other "mom's" in my life who have been role model's of strength, all around beauty inside and out, and love. 

I only hope that if I ever get the chance to be a mom that I could pass on the love and guidance that I have been given by so many.

Time to Decompress

Turks and Caicos ocean view

My inspiration for this photo came from a week of decompression time with childhood friends on a quiet island.  As the years go by it is not often that one gets this opportunity to spend quality time like I did this past week.  I really enjoyed and appreciate the time and will cherish the memories.

It was also a great way to rejuvenate my mind and creativity.

As I mentioned before sometimes creativity comes from stepping away.

Does time away help your creativity?

Rooftop View

NYC view

A rooftop view on a snowy day in NYC.

It has been a very snowy, slushy, messy day on the streets of NYC.  It's the type of day you wished you didn't have to be anywhere, so that you could day dream and watch the large snow flakes fall from inside your warm home.   Unfortunately, today was not one of those "stay at home" type of days. 

Commuting and sloshing around the streets and subway could not be avoided.

However, I had the opportunity to witness this distant, snowy view of the WTC from the rooftop area of my new office space.  I love experiencing views of the city.  I appreciate the views even more under various weather conditions and/or at different times of the day.  Elements like bright sun, grey clouds, lighting, snow and more add a different feel and mood to the scene. 

I hope this photo captured the serene mood of the afternoon.


Holiday Time in Cleveland

Cleveland city view

Cleveland city view

The timely snow fall this year has made the holiday season extra special.  Being in downtown Cleveland with the fresh snow, my family and friends was extra special.  Looking at the lights and the snow reminded me of the annual car rides my father would take us on as kids to see the holiday lights around the city. I tried to capture one of my memorable moments. 

The season goes by very quickly. It is nice to take a moment to take it all in.


Payette lake view

Payette lake view

Thanksgiving day.  A day to think about all that I am grateful for in my life. 

Today it is for the peaceful time I had with my family out in Idaho on the Payette Lake. 

I love NYC where I live.  However, I really appreciate the calm of nature and miss the peace that the surroundings of nature brings.


Lights Out

NYC Lights Out

A photograph taken from the rooftop of my building on 14th Street in NYC after the lights went out during hurricane Sandy. 

It was a very eerie feeling after the storm. 

The streets were empty and silent.   Only emergency vehicles with flashing lights patrolled up and down the street through the dark night.