Welcome to Fall

Enjoy some fall colors.

A poem I thought of while walking home today:

Rusty red, 


yellow-green leaves,

oh how they crunch beneath my feet.   

Crisp air,

short days,

chilled nights, 

scents of pumpkin fill the street.

light coats, 

tall boots,  

early evening strolls, 

the last hurrahs before the greyness we meet. 

Herself; A Self-Reflection

Herself; A Self-Reflection

While attending the American Art Therapy Association (AATA) conference earlier this month, I participated in an all day Digital Storytelling Workshop.  During the workshop each participant had the opportunity to begin creating their own story using a variety of art materials that were available.  While working on my story, I thought about a poem that I had written many years ago and decided to use it as the foundation to the story I wanted to tell. 

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