Rooftop View

NYC view

A rooftop view on a snowy day in NYC.

It has been a very snowy, slushy, messy day on the streets of NYC.  It's the type of day you wished you didn't have to be anywhere, so that you could day dream and watch the large snow flakes fall from inside your warm home.   Unfortunately, today was not one of those "stay at home" type of days. 

Commuting and sloshing around the streets and subway could not be avoided.

However, I had the opportunity to witness this distant, snowy view of the WTC from the rooftop area of my new office space.  I love experiencing views of the city.  I appreciate the views even more under various weather conditions and/or at different times of the day.  Elements like bright sun, grey clouds, lighting, snow and more add a different feel and mood to the scene. 

I hope this photo captured the serene mood of the afternoon.


Remembering and Reflecting

Today, I am reminded how quickly life changes.

A few months ago I posted this picture of the new World Trade Center 1 building. This morning I reflect upon this image as I did the morning I first took the photograph. As I left my apartment, I looked up and had been drawn to the sunlight passing and shining through the top of the building. Like that morning, today I think about my first husband, Peter Mardikian who passed away on 9/11/01 while attending a conference at Windows of the World and of all the other people that lost their lives that morning.

Today, I have hope.

New World Trade Center being built

On this morning, I am not only reminded of sadness of the past but I am reminded of kindness of people. During a time in which I had lost everything that had meaning, I found away to continue on from the strength and love of others that surrounded me every day. Family, friends, neighbors, and even strangers were relentless in their efforts to help me move forward and to find new meaning.

Today, I am grateful. Today, I remember and honor all of those taken to soon by unnecessary violence and war.

I am thankful for the years that I had with Pete. He taught me how to love and to live in the moment. I miss him and remember all of the good times we shared. His legacy continues to inspire me.