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The Kindness Project was inspired by journalist Ann Curry's 26 Acts of Kindness campaign that launched after the Newton School tragedy to help people heal. 

The original idea for the Kindness Project started out with kindness cards that could be passed along to others.  I gave some samples to my young niece Alex and to many others for feedback.

Even though I received useful comments and suggestions, the project had to be put on hold for my maternity leave.  However, a few weeks ago my niece called me and revived the endeavor.   Alex asked me to send her more of the kindness cards.

I explained that I didn't have anymore.  She sounded so disappointed.  "Oh no!" I thought.  I can't disappoint my niece.  We talked further and I discovered that her 2nd grade class had been learning about kindness.  Alex wanted to give the cards to all of the kids in her class.  I had to make that happen for her.

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The phone call from Alex gave me the inspiration and motivation I needed to begin working on the project once again.  Thankfully, I had just enough time to tweak a few design elements on the kindness cards, create stickers, journal cards and have them all printed before I left to visit her and my family for the Thanksgiving holiday.  I was able to organize a package for each of her classmates in time.

As I flew to Cleveland for Thanksgiving, I thought about the timing of Alex's request.  It seemed to be the perfect time of year to reflect upon how we can be kinder, caring people. 

I hope that Alex and her classmates use The Kindness Project kits as reminders of how simple, kind gestures and words can make a positive difference in the way we interact with others. 

It usually feels good to be kind to others as well as to be the receiver of such compassion.  The Kindness Project packets provide a unique way to teach children and remind adults how to be a kinder person each day.

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