Welcome 2013


After an eventful year filled with many happy, fun moments, and disappointing, unexpected moments, I am looking forward to find out what 2013 will bring.  As always I hope for more of the "fun, happier moments" as opposed to the "sad, disappointing moments" but after reflecting upon past years, I realize life usually gives us a balance. 

Today as I pause and think about the events of 2012, I find myself saying "Wow, I can't believe how fast this year went by...."  

So, as I continue to reflect and think about this past year, I look forward to this new year.   As I contemplate the idea of a new year,  I realize a few key things: I will worry about my loved ones and my work, I will fret about seeing my friends and family enough (I have come to realize no amount time is ever enough for me), on any given day I will debate about working out, I hope to enjoy too many cupcakes and slices of pizza, I will laugh, and it is a given that at some point I will cry.  

But no matter how big or how small of a life experience, I wish to enjoy and experience as much as possible.  Because it will all go by way too fast...Here is to a healthy, happy, enjoyable, and creative New Year!!

Welcome 2013!