Daryan Dehghanpisheh, Technical Director for My Art to Inspire


Music, Pictures, Writing. These are Daryan's passions although he may have little skill in those areas.

However, that doesn't stop Daryan from admiring those who do. Most days, he's the corporate stiff slaving away like the rest of the worker bees in this world. But on occasion, Daryan's lucky enough to find himself in the right company that helps find a new sense of self through the lyrics, lenses, and prose of those who have mastered the voice, shutter and pen.

As My Art to Inspire's technical director, he's responsible for ensuring a great experience for the My Art To Inspire community.

Daryan's background is in technology and he has traveled the world to see first hand how tech is impacting the lives of everyone - in all corners of the globe. Tech knows no limits except our imaginations. The dream he has is to inspire others to find ways to bring tech to everyone.