Running and Coloring Outside the Lines


Written By Shirini

Nothing beats a fun run with a great group of people. I love to run, and I love bright bold colors. So, when my pal asked me to join her running team for the local "Color Run"! Not only was it fun to wake up super early on a Saturday morning {um not}, get pegged with bright color bombs, throw colors at others, but it was a very low key run.

I usually train for my runs, but this run wasn't even timed. I decided to just go have fun and get colored up.


The run reminded me of being a kid and finger painting with wild abandonment.

As an adult, I have to push myself to cut loose and get messy. I am not sure when coloring " within the lines" took precedence over creating an original piece, but I find I have to intentionally rebel against the lines that define me and my art. I think Nina Kuscik had it correct when she said,

"Running gives freedom. When you run you can determine your own tempo. You can choose your own course and think whatever you want.  Nobody tells you what to do."

I think this quote can be applied to being an artist: 


ART gives you freedom. When you CREATE you can determine your own tempo.

Written by My Art to Inspire Guest Contributor: Shirini