Painted Skies

My cousin, Jade, was always a creative guy. When we were kids it was well known that he had artistic talents. As we grew up, his skills continued to grow. On a bit of a whim, he decided to enroll himself in various digital classes on media creation. His tool chest of skills now includes a range of technology capabilities. The results are dramatic and amazing.

Jade is allowing My Art to Inspire to share a sample of his work with you, including two photos. He's currently busy with a full time job as a biologist, but also building his own business for outdoor media productions, Helmich Outdoor Productions.

This photo is a time lapse, HDR picture that he captured and edited on his Mac. It takes time and patience to create these pictures. But, it takes vision and talent to recognize the full scope and worth.

photo by jade helmich

Beyond the photo, Jade took the compilations of many shots, did some original music mockup, and added it into a time lapse video. It can be viewed here.

I suggest clicking on both photos to see them in full resolution. A bit of a warning, though, as the first photo is over 8 MB. If you are on a slow connection, be patient.

Check back soon to hear and learn about Jade's story and the progress of his young company in our Spotlights section.

Thanks again for stopping by. And, thanks, Jade.