An early morning meeting had me across the island of Manhattan.  After a nasty subway ride into New Jersey, filled with the worst of the city's stereotypes of grit and grunge, I emerged on the waterfront park in Jersey City.  The sun was just rising beyond the horizon, and the water of the Hudson was still.  The contrast of the clouds, sunlight, and silhouette of the skyline was a moment I wanted to capture. 

I grabbed my iPhone-5, and quickly captured the moment.  I had to run to my meeting and I really didn't have the time to take in the photo.  But, when I was reflecting on how easy it was to take the picture it reminded me of the blog Cori had written, The Creative Process Using Technology.   It's amazing what technology can do - it can even allow a person who is a non-creative (me) to become more creative than they might have ever imagined.