Watercolor Play

Watercolor art by Jeanne

Last school year I was looking for inspiration to share with my after-school Art Club (3rd through 6th graders).  Along the way I found a YouTube video that promised to teach me some new things with watercolors.  Boy, did I luck out! 

First I found Bob Davies, which then led me to a talented artist named Joanne Boon Thomas. ( Both are from the UK, thus the spelling of watercolour with u in it.)  I purchased a set of “Brusho” paints in a kit with 2 DVD discs.  She is the instructor, and it was well worth the $65 that I paid. 

This photo is one of my first times “playing” with these fantastic and intriguing new paints which are “highly pigmented water-based powders”, so they are applied and used in a variety of ways.  A good website for other artists to investigate is: Art Tutor , and to find the paints, Paintbox Art Media Ltd. .

Since I was “playing” anyway, and after having viewed the first disc thoroughly, I used a painting that I had only started while trying to guide my young artists last April.  I plunged in and used the Brusho paints and techniques to finish it.   I “rather like it”, as she says, so I decided to share it on My Art to Inspire.  I hope this inspires you, too!

Created by My Art to Inspire Guest Contributor: Jeanne