To Blog or Not To Blog? That is the question.

When I officially started my writing career three years ago, I don’t think I fully understood what I was getting myself into.  All I had to do was write a book and publish it, right? Wrong! I had no idea the number of questions I would be faced with:

• How do I find an editor?
• What is a literary agent and do I need one?
• How do I get in contact with a publisher?
• Should I spend the money to attend a writer’s conference?
• How many times am I going to rewrite this book until I call it a day?
• Should I pursue traditional publishing or go the independent route?

The questions and decisions didn’t end once I decided how to publish. I knew that publishing independently meant that I would have to do it all – design a cover (or find a professional to do it, which I highly recommend), choose a service to create the paperback and e-book, and most of all, promote the heck out of my book – all while I still tried to find time to write.

And just when I thought the decision-making was nearing an end, I heard about a little thing called an author platform.  What the heck is that? After some research, I discovered that this was part of my self-promotion; my platform was me interacting via social media.  Facebook Fan Page? Check! Twitter?  I’m there!  Website?  You better believe it.  Blog?  Say what?

I thought long and hard about whether or not I should blog.  Of course it made sense why I should – to expose my writing to a wide audience in hopes of building a following (…who might eventually buy my book).  But when was I going to find the time?  I already have a full time job, a husband, and other responsibilities that infringe on my book writing time, how was I going to carve out time for blogging too? And what the heck would I blog about?  There are so many blogs already out there, what was going to set me apart?

So I made more decisions.  Yes, I am going to blog.  If I’m being honest with myself, I know it won’t be every week, but I will do it.  And as for what I’m going to blog about, the answer was maybe not so obvious then as it is now; there is only one thing I can blog about and that is me, my book and the inspiration for my book!

So my promise to the blogosphere (if it’s listening) is this – I promise to carve out time to blog about fun, and hopefully interesting, things – me, my experiences, tidbits about my book and characters, and maybe even some author interviews and book reviews on people and topics that I’m passionate about.  So won’t you please join me on this journey?  With this decision under my belt, I’m sure it won’t be the last in my writing career.