Writing Contest Inspires Creativity

Social media is a blessing and a curse.  I think that sentiment can apply to most people, but it is definitely true for me as an author.  It’s a blessing in that it has allowed me to connect with other authors, book bloggers and readers – people I wouldn’t have met otherwise.  It is a curse because it can be a black hole that devours my time and keeps me from my writing.

I recently connected via a Facebook community with a California-based author who was running a contest on Favorite Figures.  Her challenge (for the authors willing to accept) was to write about the author’s favorite historical or biblical figures – in 250 words or less.

I was up for the challenge and am glad that I participated in the contest.  I was in a bit of a writing slump as I was coming down from all of the holiday festivities and thrown right back into the chaos of my day job.  This challenge helped get my creative energy flowing again and gave me a much needed kick in the pants to pick up my work in process (The Search, the sequel to The Descendant) and continue rewriting it.

Here is contest entry – The Serpent and The Son – which tied for first place!  This is not an excerpt from my book, but it was inspired by events in The Descendant.  Let me know what you think and if you can guess the identities of the biblical figures.


The Serpent and The Son

I raised my head and saw a man standing by the tree.  I hadn’t seen anyone in this garden since the original inhabitants were banned.

I twisted around the branch and asked, “What brings you here?”

“I’m looking for forgiveness; I killed my brother.”

I studied his face and realized that he had his father’s eyes.  What were the chances that not only someone was in this garden, but also was the original inhabitants’ son?

“I can help.”  I slithered toward the apple dangling from the branch and bit it.  “Eat and all will be well.”

“Eating an apple will make everything well?”

“Yes; you’ll see.”  I nudged the fruit with my snoot.  “Take a bite like your mommy once did.”

The man plucked, examined and then bit the apple.  He chewed, swallowed, and then choked, dropping to his knees.

“You’re a fool, just like your mother and now you’re dying.  My venom was in that apple.  It will be a painful death but I can save you.  Do you want me to save you?”

The man nodded.

If he only knew what he had consented to.  I was finally going to get my revenge against the big guy for having put a rift between man and me.  But I’ll show him! I’ll take his precious creation and turn it into an abomination whose sole purpose will be to destroy his masterpiece.

My fangs emerged as I prepared to strike and create my most prized creation – the vampire.