What Would Today's Vampire Wear?


"What Would a Vampire Wear?"

This is the question I posed to Millie Karkoff, owner and founder of MiUS Collection.  MiUS is an online boutique featuring clothing and accessories that are made in the USA!

Millie is a close friend and I’ve been a fan of the MiUS Collection since it started last year. One day, Millie and I were having a glass of wine (something we only “some times” do ☺ ) when the idea struck me – can you dress Allison Carmichael (the main character in my novel, The Descendant) in pieces from the MiUS Collection?  If you’ve read  The Descendant, you know that some of my vampires have a penchant for rare and unique things, custom clothing being one of those things.  Check out the fashion board that Millie designed for Allison Carmichael:

Can you see a vampire wearing these MiUS pieces?  If you read The Descendant, is this something you could picture Allison wearing?  Leave a comment below and let me know!!

By the way…all of these pieces are for sale at  MiUSCollection.com.
I own the leggings featured in this fashion board & absolutely love them!  They’re comfortable, high quality material and are extremely flattering!

I asked Millie to share a little bit more about what inspired her to start the MiUS Collection.  Read on to learn more and then check out the website!


What inspired you to start MiUS Collection?

The idea of opening this boutique came from seeing our friends and family struggle as jobs were outsourced overseas, manufacturers closed and the economies changed in their communities.  As a mom, that hit home when thinking about the future of our children and our nation…how will their world be in 20 or 30 years…how would the United States of America be in their time??  As consumers, we’ve become accustomed to shopping without looking at labels or educating ourselves as to how these goods were made or where they came and the effects that has on our planet, communities and our future.  So armed with that passion, I set out to help make a difference for our industries and communities, by helping influence shoppers every time we make a purchase…thus MiUS Collection was born.

What is it about fashion that has always interested you?

I have always love clothes. From an early age, I was at my godmother, “Titi” Laura’s lap sewing with her new clothes for my Barbies. My true love is accessories…handbags, watches, bracelets, earrings, you name it! My favorite fashion quote is from Sofia Vergara (Modern Family) as it truly defines me to the core:

“I love jewelry – rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, you name it. If my stylist didn’t stop me, I’d go out looking like a Christmas tree.” ~Sofia Vergara, InStyle 3.12

I don’t have a stylist…but thank goodness I have self-control because I too would be a daily Christmas tree! lol

How do you find the designers that you feature?


Our focus at MiUS Collection is to showcases some of the USA’s emerging talent and feature national creativity and manufacturing.  The collection includes everything from one-of-a-kind, handmade pieces to items from popular trends.  We focus on finding independent designers that provide safe working conditions and quality clothing.  Truly looking for fashion talent that is emerging within our country, local artists and designers that could use another way to sell their art. We have designers that employ exiled women and help them sustain their living.  I love working with folks that I know in my heart that when you buy that necklace or that shirt… you just helped another small business or artist or a woman keep her kids fed.  Pay it forward at its best.  That makes me passionate about this collection!

What are your plans for MiUS Collection in 2013?

Our plans are to continue to focus our products for a woman who is stylish, yet socially conscious of ecological impact and local industry sustainability.  The company mission is to change a nation of shoppers into a national force of decision makers and change the way clothing is produced, sold, and even marketed by empowering consumers to make an impact with their purchase while providing a platform for independent American designers.

To connect with MiUS Collection: