My Soul Has Been Sold

Inspiration strikes at the craziest time.

Last week, I was driving into work listening to the news when bam – the first verse of this poem popped into my head.  I have no idea where it came from, as I haven’t written poetry in years. I frantically repeated the verse to myself, fearing that I’d forget it by the time I could park my car and write it down.

So then as I’m repeating this verse over and over (yes, I caught other drivers looking at me strangely), what happens?  The second verse comes to mind.  Great, now I had two verses of a poem and about another 20 minutes to go in my commute.

When I finally got to the parking garage, what did I do?  Well, what I didn’t do was take advantage of any of the technology I had with me.  Armed with my iPhone, iPad and work laptop, I set off practically sprinting to get to my office where I scribbled both verses on paper.  Then throughout the rest of the day, the other verses just came to me.  By quitting time, I had a completed poem.

The poem summarizes Allison’s journey in  The Descendant,  from where she started searching for her life’s calling, to discovering what that calling was and what it meant for her.


My Soul Has Been Sold
(A poem based on Allison’s journey in The Descendant)

There has to be more
This can’t be it
My calling I yearn
But I can’t find it

I’ve tried to search
My efforts in vain
Yet something in me
Propels this game

Consumed by my mission
Forgot what’s important
Never realized
My calling could be so potent

Truth sets you free
Or so they all say
The reality for me
Is end of mortal day

The Devil’s creation
That’s what I am
To eternally damn you
I assure you I can

I must show restraint
To be saved in the end
But must prove my worth
Few damned souls I send

Watch what you wish for
I should’ve been told
I now know my calling
My soul has been sold

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