The Descendent Takes a Bite (Out of a Library Event!)


On November 3, I attended my first library event as an author!  It was such a great experience and I’m still on a high from it!

The Buckeye branch of the Medina County District Library was kind enough to allow me to participate in their second annual Family Food Fest Event. This is their premier annual event that involves food and cooking demonstrations and lots of yummy treats!  The library hooked me up with some prime real estate for the day.  My table was the first thing you saw as you entered the library.

The condition for my participation was that I had to tie my book to food.  That wasn’t a problem!  I asked two of my favorite local shops if they’d be willing to support my event and they graciously agreed to do so!



Colossal Cupcake is located on Euclid Avenue in downtown Cleveland.  The store opened earlier this year and I’ve found myself in their store on almost a weekly basis.  They donated mini cupcakes which I coined “Vampy Bite Cupcakes.”



Jack Frost Donuts is located on Pearl Road in Cleveland.  They’ve been a staple in the community for many years.  I grew up eating their delectable treats.  My parents buy a dozen of their donuts for my birthday in lieu of a cake!  I loved bringing one of my favorite Cleveland treats to the residents of Medina.  Jack Frost donated donuts which I named “Forbidden Fruit Donuts.”   I also offered Vampire Bites, which were cute pieces of milk chocolate with white vampire fangs filled with caramel.  Yum!


I couldn’t have pulled off the day without the help of two friends.  Jennifer and Leondria helped set up and stage my table as well as spread the word about my book.  I’m blessed to have such great friends!

I met a lot of great people, sold some books and enjoyed signing books.  I also made some great connections for future book events.  But the two highlights of my day involved some of my youngest fans.  A mom with two boys had chatted with me before proceeding to the event.  On their way out, the mom stopped to tell me that her younger son thought it was so cool that he got to me an actual author!  And then another mom with two girls stopped at my table and then spent the day in the library.  Towards the end of the afternoon, Jennifer spotted the youngest eyeing me from afar and then sneaking closer to my table.  She wanted to talk more with the author. I had fun talking with her about her Halloween costume.  She was going to dress up as Snow White, topped off with Pepsi Cola lip gloss (I’m going to have to find some of that for me)!

But the day didn’t go without some drama.  Bruce the Snake wasn’t too happy with the competition he had from the library’s resident serpent!


I want to thank the Buckeye Library, Colossal Cupcake, Jack Frost Donuts and Jennifer & Leondria for supporting me in my first official author event. 

I’m very much looking forward to the next one!