A Few of My Favorite Things

What are some of my favorite things about Christmas?  It’s not shopping, presents or all of the sweet treats.  My favorite thing about this holiday is decorating with all of the old family heirlooms that I’ve collected.  I’d like to share some of these treasures with you.


Ceramic Christmas Tree & Little Drummer Boy Snow Globe
Both of these items belonged to my paternal grandparents.  I have memories of visiting them and this tree was always lit up on the table in front of the living room window.  The snow globe was a gift from me to my grandpa, who always placed it on the table next to his recliner.


Santa, Angel & Reindeer Window Clings

These had belonged to my paternal grandma.  According to my mom, Grandma received these as a gift from the bank she had worked at.  They don’t stick any more so I have to hang them with tape.

Nativity Scene

My maternal grandmother hand-painted all of the figurines.  Some of the faces are missing details, which have worn off over the years, some figures are chipped, but I wouldn’t trade this set for anything!  My mom guesstimates that the nativity scene is over 76 years old.  It was her job as a kid to set this up under the tree.  Now, she helps me set it up in my house every Christmas.  The pink beads you see around the scene belonged to my paternal grandma.  They’re made from real glass and are extremely fragile.


Miniature Nativity Scene

No one in my family recalls where this mini nativity scene came from.  I remember playing with this as a kid.  It is my favorite Christmas decoration.

Tree ornaments

Our Christmas tree is a mix of old and new ornaments.


Many of the old ornaments are considerably older than me. They simply don’t make glass ornaments like they used to! Other ornaments are from my childhood.

This blue glass ornament is an oldie but goodie!

This picture has a variety of ornaments.  I made the ornament in the upper left when I was in Girl Scouts.  I cut out a picture of Santa & Mrs. Claus from an old card and framed it with toothpicks.  Below that, Rudolph came from my paternal grandma.  The white pig was a stocking stuffer from 1986.  In the center and to the right, there are 3 old glass ornaments, two with stripes, one with Santa.


This is one of my favorite ornaments.  I always wanted to hang this one every year.  It’s a plastic diamond with a winter scene inside.

In this picture, Santa is another oldie but goodie!  Above him is an old glass ornament.  Frosty, in the lower left, was hand painted by my mom in 1973.  It’s made out of wood. I actually have quite a few painted wood ornaments.  I don’t think they make those any more.

But it’s not all about the old; I have plenty of new decorations mixed in too.

This is a picture of our stockings, hung with care.

If you’d like to see more of my favorite decorations, visit my   Facebook  fan page.  I’ll be posting different pictures over the next few days.

Whichever holiday that you celebrate this time of year, I hope that it is happy.  And I wish you all the very best in the New Year!