A Great Way to Help Your Favorite Authors


After a book is written, all authors struggle with the same thing- getting your name out there and getting your book discovered.  This picture below nicely summarizes the writing journey and what you can do to help your favorite authors.

There are two things I would change in the above message.  It may take some authors months to write a book, but it takes this author at least a year.  And secondly, I don't like that the message says to leave a high star rating; I would encourage you to leave an honest rating and/or review.


If you have read The Descendant, please consider giving the book a honest rating and/or review on any of the following sites.  I would be most appreciative of any support as every little bit counts!  Thank you!

Amazon:  You can in one of three ways: leave a star rating, write a review, click the "Like" button under the title (for both the paperback and Kindle version).

Goodreads:  You need to have a Goodreads account; you can leave a star rating and/or write a review.

Smashwords:  You need to purchase the book from this site in order to leave a star rating and review.

Barnes + Noble:  You can leave a star rating and/or review.

But most of all, if you've read and it and loved it, please tell a friend about the book!