Join Me For Some Book Club Fun


Looking to read a new book?  Have you been meaning to read  The Descendant?   Have you read  The Descendant?  and want to test your knowledge?

Join me on the  EBook Lovers Co-Op  Facebook page!  The Descendant is the featured book December 15 - December 29!

The event is  FREE  and you can win  PRIZES!

Here's how to join...
Once on the  EBook Lovers Co-Op  Facebook page, click on  Events, then click on the link for The Descendant  and Join  the event.

Or just click this link and then click join:
Indie Love Book Club - December 2012 #2 - The Descendant

There will be daily trivia about the The Descendant and other creative ways for you to earn points.

Plus, I'll be sharing some of my inspirations and some fun facts about the places and characters in The Descendant.  Think pop up video, a-la-VH1 style.

What can you win? Signed copies of the The Descendant, Amazon Gift Cards, and signed bookmarks.  Plus you will make new friends, have lots of fun and maybe discover a new book (the site hosts a new author and book every two weeks).

I would like to give a special shout out to author C.R. Everett who told me about this book club (Check out her book, Love, Carry My Bags) and Gigi for hosting this great event.  One of the great things about being an independent author is meeting new friends who are more than happy to support and promote other authors.

Stop over and let's have some fun while reading The Descendant!

If you need a copy of the book to read for this event, you can find The Descendant  at the following locations:
Smashwords  (A variety of e-book formats & PDF for those who don't have an e-reader)
Barnes and Noble and if you live in the Greater Cleveland area, you can buy a copy from  The Learned Owl  bookstore.