Not ANOTHER vampire novel!?

I’m still getting used to telling people that I’m a writer, but when I do, I look forward to their reaction. Some people are enthusiastic, others shocked, some confused by my admission, and others offer to get the word out about my book. No matter the reaction, everyone always asks the same follow up question: What did you write? I respond the same way: I wrote a vampire novel.

And then I wait for the reaction…
· Oh. Vampires? Really?
· Not another vampire novel!
· Vampires are popular; I bet that’s why you wrote a vampire book.
· What more could possibly be written about vampires?

Even if the person doesn’t say it, I can see the question in their eyes – in a literary world filled with vampires galore, why in the heck would I write a vampire novel?

The answer is simple. Passion!

When I decided to write a book, I knew that I needed to be passionate about what I wrote; how else would I get 85,000 words on paper without passion? For me, that topic was vampires. My love affair with all things vampire started when I was a child and my mother would rush home with me from whatever we were doing to catch Dark Shadows reruns. But it wasn’t enough to simply write about vampires. I was keenly aware that the literary market was saturated with vampires and I needed to write about something new, fresh and something that I was (drum roll please) passionate about.

Having read and watched lots of vampire books and movies, there was one thing I noticed – the vampire was always just there. I never heard about how the vampire was created. Or, for those stories that talked about the vampire’s origin, I didn’t find the explanation plausible. Even in the case of Dark Shadows, a witch cast a spell on Barnabas turning him into one of the living dead. I understand that Angelique (the witch) wanted to punish Barnabas for eternity, but why punish him by making him immortal and needing to subsist on human blood? Why would she choose that? I knew I had to address the question about the vampire’s origin if for no one else, for me.

It was only natural for me to tie my theory to popular biblical stories since I had attended Catholic school from Kindergarten through 12th grade. If there was one thing I knew, it was bible stories! The ultimate good versus evil stories are always God versus the Devil, so in my mind, it made perfect sense to combine these stories with vampire lore.

Lord knows I’m not the first person to write about vampires or their origin, but if you read THE DESCENDANT, I hope that my passion for this particular topic is apparent and maybe even makes you wonder, what if?

Tell me your favorite stories about the vampire’s origin. Leave a comment below with your favorite theory or one you’ve made up!

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