Happy Release Day! THE SEARCH is Published!!!

Release Day Excitement
It is with great excitement that I announce today that The Search (Book 2 in The Descendant Vampire Series) is published!

Can I get a woo hoo?!?!

Woo Hoo!!!

After I wrote and published The Descendant (book 1 in the series), I wondered if I could do it again. Could I write another book? Writing a book is daunting (book 2 is approximately 63,000 words; book 1 is 85,000) and time consuming and I wondered if I was up to the task. I knew I had to be up to it in order to give my readers closure to the questions I left open in book 1.

I did it! And I’m so excited to share the story with you!

Thank you to all of the readers who have patiently waited for the release of this novel! I hope you enjoy the story and the direction I took with it. You’re going to see a very different Allison and I can’t wait to hear your reaction!

What a Difference a Book Makes
There’s a lot I didn’t know when I published The Descendant and I’ll blog about those experiences later. When The Descendant was released, it was done with very little fanfare...cuz I was clueless! Well things are going to be different for The Search!

Release Day Event
If you’re on Facebook, please join tonight’s release day event hosted by  Release Day Diva starting at 5:00 p.m. EST. Lots of fun will be had & lots of prizes will be up for grabs! What kind of prizes you ask?
• Of course I’ll be giving away copies of The Descendant and The Search (ebooks and signed paperbacks)
• Tons of Descendant themed swag including pens, sticky notes, koozies, key chains, bookmarks and more
• Gift cards
• Vampire necklace
• A lot of my author friends have generously donated copies of their books or swag

Join the event & then invite others to join. See the post pinned to the top of the event page for your chance to win an Amazon gift card if you invite the most people that join the event!

Blog Tour
The Island Lovelies Book Club are coordinating a blog tour to celebrate the release of The Search! The tour will kick off on September 9 and end on September 14. Stay tuned as I’ll be hosting the kick off blog right here on 9/9! There will be more chances to win more stuff!!!

Local Book Launch & Signing
If you live in the Greater Cleveland, Ohio area, stop out and see me on Saturday September 7 from 1:00 until 3:00 at The Learned Owl Bookshop! in Hudson, OH (204 North Main Street)

Kate and her staff have graciously offered to host me for an in-person book launch. Copies of The Descendant & The Search will be on sale and I may have some swag to hand out. I’d love to meet as many of you as possible!!!

Already own The Descendant? Bring your copy & I’ll be happy to sign it for you!

I’d like to thank The Learned Owl for their generous support of independent authors. This is the second time they’re hosting me and I’m most appreciative of their support!


Last but not least…
And now for the official business. I know you’ve seen the blurb before, but since this is launch day, I thought it appropriate to post again!

The Search
Allison Carmichael is thirsty for blood and hungry for answers.

Lured away from her illicit extracurricular activities by news about her kidnapped husband, Allison rejoins her adopted family that’s promised to help her find him. Allison's search is detoured, however, by sinister vampire politics, the seeming good will of her fanged family, and the return of her nemesis.  Circumstances unfold that shatter the foundation of her world.

In order to successfully play the game she has been thrust into, Allison must battle loss and betrayal and accept unexpected love.

THE SEARCH is on for answers, but when answers are found, will they be what Allison was looking for?


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I hope you all come party with me tonight at the Facebook release event, during the blog tour, in-person at The Learned Owl or for all three!