I Decided to Write a Book. Now What?


In previous blog posts, I talked about how and why I decided to become a writer (How It All Began ) and why I decided to write a vampire novel (I Decided to Write a Vampire Book.  Now What? ). With those two big decisions under my belt, it was time to write the book.

How do you write a book? How was I going to go about writing a book?

I didn’t have the slightest idea what I was doing when I started writing The Descendant. Passionate to tell the story about the vampire’s origin, I started writing that part of the plot, which ended up becoming the middle of the novel. Night after night, I came home from my day job and pecked away on my keyboard. It was easy for me to tell that part of the story since I was obsessed about my version of the vampire’s beginning. After brainstorming what exactly I wanted to tell, the words simply flowed from my head to my fingertips to the keyboard.


Once I was done with the middle of the book, I wrote the beginning, the end and all the stuff in between, still without really having a clue as to what I was doing.

Was there a formal method to the writing madness? The answer is yes, but I didn’t know what that method was when I wrote the first draft of my book.

I credit my love for reading with providing me with guidance on how to write. After reading enough books, I think I subconsciously picked up on how a story should be structured, although I didn’t know the exact elements.


I started writing The Descendant in July 2009 and finished it a few months later. I then reread the book and tweaked the plot and self-edited the book, which I later discovered was a HUGE (read, EPIC) mistake. But I’ll blog about that later too.  By December 2009, just 6 short months after embarking on my writing journey, I had written a book – a book that I thought was ready for the world to see, but as events unfolded, I discovered that wasn’t the case.

Stay tuned for a future blog on what I did once I thought I had a completed manuscript that was ready for publication.

Have you embarked on a journey but didn’t know what you were really doing until sometime after you were far down the road? Leave a comment below about your journey and what you learned along the way.

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