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A Favorite Christmas Memory

I want to share with you one of my favorite Christmas memories from my childhood.

I was little. I’m going to guess maybe 4 or 5. It was Christmas Eve and like any kid I couldn’t wait for Christmas morning and all of the presents Santa would bring.

My mom had already tucked me into bed. My dad was still in my room trying to calm my fears that Santa would indeed make it through the blizzard to deliver my presents.

Sufficiently calmed, he pulled the cover up to my chin and left the room.

I started daydreaming when all of a sudden a red light appeared at my bedroom window. The light blinked and moved around. To my terror, I began shouting, “There’s a burglar outside my window! There’s a burglar!”

Because what else is a kid supposed to think when she sees a red light outside her room at night?

My dad comes running back into the room and attempts to calm me by telling me that it’s my mother outside. Mom thought she’d be cute, and to help calm my fears about the weather’s impact on Santa’s route, she grabbed my red Mickey Mouse flash light that we had purchased at the Ice-capades and was pretending to be Rudolph outside of my window. My mom was none the wiser of the fear she had inflicted, as she couldn’t hear my screams over the wind and blowing snow!

Photo by Karen Roach/Hemera / Getty Images

Nothing Says Christmas Quite Like a Vampire Tale

I’m the author of The Descendant Vampire Series – A Vampire Tale of Biblical Proportions. There are 3 books in the series: The Descendant, The Search, and The Truth.

Quite honestly, these were the vampire books I’d always wanted to read, and since I never found those books, I wrote them.

If you’re looking for a new spin on how and why the vampire was created, some paranormal fiction with a twist of biblical flare, look no further! Check out The Descendant Vampire Series!

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