My Art Has Inspired?

For me, writing provides a sense of purpose and personal satisfaction. I write for myself; me and only me. So imagine my surprise when coworkers and peers at my day job recently told me that my writing journey has inspired them.

Let me back up a bit.

If you’ve been following my blogs about my writing adventures, you may recall that I decided to write a novel after experiencing my career mid-life crisis (read about it here: How It All Began...). When I made that decision, I did so for me and me alone. Writing was (and still is) my escape. I enjoy conjuring a story in my head, throwing it down on paper, tweaking it and re-writing it, and sharing my art with the world.

Writing is not my full time job. It is a passion and therefore I find the time to write. It’s often a balancing act between the day job, family life, down time and writing time.

Recently, I decided to take advantage of an “Off the Clock” feature that my day job publishes on its intranet. As the name implies, the column features the company’s employees and the interesting things they do when not at work. I’ve always enjoyed reading the features and figured that I’d submit an article about my writing and books.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered that my article was accepted and going to be published.

Imagine my surprise when I received positive messages and feedback from others on how inspiring my story was to them.

Here are some notes that I received.

It was inspiring to hear of someone “buying in” on their dream and passion.
know this is a lot of work but you’re an inspiration for working women.
Congrats on the write up on the intra-web and much applause to you for pursuing a dream.
I think it’s wonderful that you followed your dream and picked up the pen again.
You also inspired me to get back to my own writing…

I received multiple messages from a handful of peers telling me that I inspired them to revisit their writing. There were other notes congratulating me about pursuing my passion and then they went on to talk about theirs. There was a note from an executive telling me that I was an inspiration to his daughter who is in college majoring in creative writing. And most flattering of all, because of the article, I was asked to speak at a “Bring Your Child” work event to discuss “Finding Your Passion: Work/Life Balance.”

WOW! Just wow. A story about lil ole me triggered all of that? I was overwhelmed and humbled by the out pouring of support and by the fact that I had inspired so many.

 Why was I touched so much?

The best piece of advice I can give anyone is to find your passion. Why do I feel that’s important? Because I truly believe that when you find your passion you lead a more fulfilling life. Maybe that passion is your day job. Or maybe it’s running your own business, or baking, or running, or even writing. No matter what it is, seek it out and pursue it and enjoy the resulting satisfaction. That’s what my writing has done for me.

And if my Off the Clock feature inspired someone to pick up their pen and write again or inspired them to seek out their passion, then it’s mission accomplished for me.

Leave a comment and tell me about your passion and how you found it, or if you’re still looking for it.

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